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I know that when I’m in your position have been waiting in line all day and bathrooms and up overcook hotdog stand the question in my mind about this holiday is aluminum guys today out here people have a character is it all in fosston a few answers to that before you don’t purchase in a weak spot where everyone who moves longer all business organ sales our problem is decidable stay with me to the next hippie hair and really pay attention often job you enough specific strategies at least our return on a calm day including perhaps including a very Montag review of even one completely using marketing strategy our money can use to leave we begin bring it on within the next 10 days seasons of people want to know about to tell what is that you know there’s a lot of speakers are cool about this is okay the nightmares of several human memories and I know that I’m one of those guys I said only third of my time doing a super time on new material a lot of your businesses are beautiful real customer supplies real people out there in real world where he thing down here today is what I’ll show you that are things from that real world I live what I teach we’re going to be mostly talking about direct marketing today or shortcut marketing so there’s comedy they’re marketing it a lot backs statistic on the sly velocity we’re on the thinness of the way I run on solely business anything was and everything that capita stood by fabulous piece where you entrapped and results and we have it in the last 18 months of all this but over 200 could it be million dollars with the goose services sold and strategies we’re going to be talking about this afternoon who died versus love I think the ability to sleuth out that I have now paid on but there’s a wo lot more importantly man is happening 62 different businesses and industries now that means what we talk about seven regardless of the example I want to deliver is favorable for one business to another some people by miserly pretty if you see those are annoying half-hour television programs on he related content for the Kennedy shows that salesmen lost when people evolve headed for T car polishes personal politics of teeth revolutionary skincare system problem sorted on opposing to keep the other night about water and five of those is something to do it and so if you lose asleep you can blame me goodbye sir thank you very much about the have my troubles where we work I really feel about marketing and my possibly the problem getting part of the customer and most people who comes through teach others who like to skip that whole part of our business purse all these people who this is what I call my shoulders and faithless and probabilities you know that black hole being out convicting sitting here getting action for a lot of addition candidacy serious and right after some time an advertiser sales personal advertising agency and not only made a big decision a decision not knowing how we’re going to be over measure results interview to be a loser results all that uncertainty to be extremely serving and bothers you and we’re going to eliminate all of those things off the heedlessness academic it yourself courses and missus or hate lessons and not a lot of wealth is what I call cold call dropper now I’m going to see Lee responded because of more program and God well but you know one of those would be unnecessary and associating one about to be cold called effective is I lost that away from coal mining and I mean I mean what we were four main menu in junk most of these Congress children’s have really literally process it all together and don’t do differently and I was dead if any individual object in our suspects because do believe I killed my businesses doing cold call processing I Drive ahead I just don’t get it discipline to do it so we’ll go a little bit all of that is afternoon from your experience and change the way you attract customers hopefully forever I’m gonna tell you one common little story taught me to set pace in order to go this afternoon they’re going to go I’ve got a brachial essence North Africa but I am holding and gain time you good officer staff and all things to do you I mean I cannot go there if I going to offer you service assess laughing OH and one of the things I throw a lot is results then with my clients on the phone in this particular weekday afternoon Tuesday or Thursday 3 July now I was told the middle rehab unit along the kitchen counter I pictured us sitting there on the phone dealing with a client’s marketing problem which is infinitely preferable dealing with one of my own a good time any growth in this conversation when some of the in story mind or Valerie bang on my door now if you work a real job and real business you’re not home during the day so you might not know but if you stop and think about gotham’s and who can be at your house uninvited in the middle of the afternoon are weak they are somewhat will you know one ways we notice that the recession is all the Iman ladies and gentlewomen cargo so I’ve decided I decide to ignore this anointing fast continue my conversation confident that is ignore the passive will go away and he does very briefly we go to out of the back of my house and climbs over eight and a half foot accommodation ReWalk and it makes its way through my back dogs or lease out that with a pool of the size and sliding glass doors behind me bending on the patio doors I mean very subtly I said I trying the determine to make this house for weapons well I said there I read my voice continue my conversation be finding banging on the door we have this little contest of wills for what seems like ten or fifteen minutes who following wins I turn around the deal with it the reason he’s there – contact daughters in flames I live in Phoenix Arizona and in July it’s really winning we didn’t have a three years ago we had like 18 353 days in a row and something to get it out of some survives what the sitting right here come out of the orbit and divided actually are and everything that was brown a little way into flames and this Good Samaritan who should events on bigoted arguably through there is they’re trying to get my attention 1914 quarter dollar and that particular woman he went from the most annoying attest to the most welcome guests ever to visit my house the reason for that is merciful he was there at the suction Eagle of time with precisely the right message and battle fixing the rocket of gasket category every single time now what we do is visit people sales people unfortunately same to us in our lives to live in our time in the ignoring test category instead of welcome guests category and what am i short term market around me are all about is making sure that if you spend all your time every time you communicate with a prospect client customer or patient you are instantly perceived and according to the welcome guests category never be annoying past catalog there’s three giant steps we’re going to go through this afternoon to build a marketing system that delivers those kind of exhaustive there’s one foundation I have to wait before we go to those recessed when I started reading 1978 a wonderful value category or some of you may occur cavities it’s been around and specialist if you’re not same length of time to Z accounts birth for lunch hour at end of set I’m captain you know then we do that now now content marketing you could make it a terrible mistake when you’re singular you could promote he saw crude lesson when we to effectively to quickly at the cat house console promoters are to executive to aggressively food quickly encountered and promotion sauce to investment to evacuate to prepare own you is speed automated which world on top you’re no good not Palace Palace nice way I’ll tell you I needed one on a CV skills but the critical resist before we get all oil dropping promotion marketing they cure that we have our action together so when we get response we get great results you see it as consumers you all have the experience just about every day of your eyes of the advertisement promise being so much better than what we finally death has delivered item or service and we want to flip-flop that lap we want our customers applied together what I call a wild spirit so they walk away from you but their encounter with you when they hear communities communicate with them they are so wow now the you realize when you came on tell lots of other people it is out of the fact there is a principle that will help make sure you’re awaiting this foundation jobs right it comes from the wrong person comedy said walk lead this marketing principle of Anaheim California with solos from the Disney comedy think it is so important today after all these use the Pico remote community is an executive you will spend eight hours in a classroom doing nothing but talking about this one sings a lot here that’s unusual enough but account Liam University remain Buddhism you got come back we are the clashes and another eight hours you’re like the third year for 240 hours of your life talking about how to apply this one single idea well set the way you succeed in marketing if you want to do so well then people can’t resist telling others adoptions they don’t have to be filed your honor to be asked they’re certainly going to be incentivize repaid you want to most exciting thing going on they can’t wait to run out and tell lots of other people out now that time you go to Disney World I want to tell you how to find this principal rap international example art and finally every results abilities you will once a year of an opportunity a lot at least in support of us and it is a marketing education trash for while you two go in my observation tilapia over once and I some of you are not going to be the younger so good that again this year because you know nationalism cookies left active you went to visit what for the people who work on the government role and he could really get a job right now maybe one of the parks are hybrid puts on a dr. pol they get a big wild class themselves using their middle class ticket got to multiply what emotions are swayed by the solvent that are getting gone are participating service the other no she’s got a read it welcome talking a new job your fishing so long depart putting much out of sight of the grass behind the scenery a new job is simply to wait until some busy important spot god they didn’t we are in the world peace of economy topical settle which include radio dispatch engineers government or person to get enough in last year in Disneyworld and I know Claudia gravity logging the entire agenda synthesis of California the average response time of the computer line is gone control to get a governing world apart was under the pre after the envy of police and fire departments will rock near project asked us up because the pinheaded pragmatic pencil-pushing countess positive justify that a mammoth expensive is gone circled with nothing to be standing around reading we get to go anywhere in the park it’s partly and note included successors and because even the cops for this success dollars parking conferred under advertising because it’s cool reduces that’s what it is you see they serve a great times with visitors that approximate happen what sticks in your mind most about the visitor us today suspenseful of recency will to remember laughter survivors will allow the majority of the people talk back to them about an incredible cleanliness of the parcel and did you understand those people ate them home to Omaha that was an accelerant other than those people under laurent82 the last that season is part of their marketing system not their apostate consistent and so and you do so well the people came insists on those options you multiply the return on investment marketing dollar you ever statement okay the reset system we’re going to build this afternoon to learn about something in may on how to market for productive organization the first step is insisted is to like message what we see you our marketplace that is so compelling that it is invisible second is who’s the rock where we get across them and just as important who are we not going to talk to and further media the delivery system once we have the message can be target of a market how illegit is deliver how are we going to get there inception of rock message I’m going to do a more precise now this is a tough homework assignment so don’t get mentally hung up on here it easily just by little anything in home with you but we will reserve download it’s only worth of the download to take the time to work on it its initials are USP and they stand for unique selling propositions perhaps the single most important asset you will ever recover for your visit supplies or service now the week some propositions is to answer to this very top question why should I your prospect or customer client or patient few verses in and every other option available today now when you can be concise compelling answer to that question you had an exceeded involved in marketing without it all outcomes prosperity marketing is up killed bad going to be very simple one of the great sweet some propositions of our time as a model for research ability client to get this particular model is proven powerful some here’s your 1987 about a fact that I was infomercial call to go register I got a chance to hang out of the sky down one of the 1000 wealthiest Americans still a young guy but not all that long ago he was a young college who literally started swimming to get to school the way that he is brother equally for had concocted get it through college well they founders failing business on the edge of campus that the owner would literally give to them and let them clean in my pocket and so one but instead of work the business is the game world I went to school and they were in Burke and the other brother would go to sort of man and in charge of getting college that a couple of under this plan the business is continuing to lose by mapping while another student beta while another number one it separately city African business in 1963 it evokes level evolving roll off into the sunset probably not a lot hunter on the terminated work shortly thereafter he very neat sound proposition that in his industry change it forever and it was so powerful being in one of the $1 welcomes Americas is so powerful we can go out into any market area in North America do word association what’s the first thing that comes into your mind with a hundred people at random give them the generic equivalent of his business in 84 more of a 100 will give us his brand name that if we go out on our market spot and we stop 100 people on the street and give them the generic equivalent of whatever it is that you do insurance palaces whatever and Ian of the 100 respond by telling us about me how well we can do you do to is real real well and that’s the power of the point P sound proposition his will stress hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less common guarantee in a stagnant saturated industry it created the fastest growth in the history of fast food but it’s concept is real quickly so that you have is readable while there’s several things I’m Nissan proposition will go we cut up a graphic the problem the person you know is in sama hands in time times all things to all people there is unity of all these accessories that is no they should only sometimes been terribly sorry to rain on Tuesday there’s not even any mention of time come on rocky the hip is going to get there you see their muscles go to use on projects and keep those opportunity gaps analysis identifying what in his market everyone else was doing portal and figuring out how to do it well and then zero and off and so he’s early and are delivered the second thing to notice about how I’m usually some proposition is what we call a meaningful specific rather than a generality you see Tom I have been found to be she Oh pizza tonight soon fast promptly quickly rapidly he said go ahead settle wash Iberian it coming in 30s or less now we agree come out will be more specific we said 29 or 31 convective in the world facility to the 30 but never go out it’s a very specific problem and most people do not have gut do that in the EE sound compensation the last thing important notice about how my gives me some positive is the word guarantee so will you rather the breakdancers why should I do this this review versus any and every other options you have to see the ball in terms of the market and allowing any liability side of operation be silent opposition bank and I’ve written power to the basest level marketing conversational arm and I mentioned I thought to avoid video I said a lot of times for many many years and a big guy in both reference so I justified by the first last post of the time which means because of the vision business designer I’m usually sitting up there next to someone who could give me month in a bottle yet for years for years I got this on the plan puts on a sleep mask the headphones I lost the paper on and clearly trying to tell the world he does not want to have a conversation in here blocks when you see things it’s time to the next CEO airplane it definitely goes like this – my vice president Russell sauce what can you do now I’m gonna good answer to that my parents still gonna clear out I’m gonna do when I go out thr better one because Rhonda apparently school too long and Swank what Dad does so usually impress on a plane I would say I virus into appreciate I believe during conversation jobs of the length of the plot but couple of years or run marketing consultant feminine senses antenna near immediate which I hear a lot I was there in sac another Saturday he said the answer to that question seems to be an extension of the Nissan’s population because of the consequence you want to happen s and I said religion said I said huh he said when someone asked me what will you do and you answer them what do you want him happening that that’s about enough he said you are going to team with John Locke will rule for me in order I am why open and say clearly how do you do that and why we want to say that because it’s prohibition to sell what I got in two years jobs the last two years real retired something systemic yeah so what do I say I’m being Kenny and I use a stress marketing strategies for any type of solid business because all the ways of advertising these facilities were at least about the central for daca guarantees will how do you think down for three hours and 22 minutes plus last year on your place with people I’ve ever met and we never happy we are airplane from Saturday together eventually to I will $40,000 with the speaking and consulting business with people America in Key West war I got a point on a flight for the handgrip contract on an Afghan about Chapter five now we come to that now to bribe because if I was smart enough to be doing this for the last 20 years I would have so much fun I will be here talking you or about anybody else you communicate with able to post on so you know third Longstreet from the left our general the worker I tell you this because I dissented secretary profound you for the very simplest type of marketing what we say to one another about what we do all the way the most sophisticated template marketing how we say and how you use the unique selling proposition is that descriptive makes all the difference in the world one of the thing about marketing messages before you are the second order system I’m going to show you how to choose over I kind of like to choose when I can and we all share a goal on a proper every one of us regardless of this is a rule when you put together a marketing message you send it out there however we do you share this role with a big fast response you need those of you in the room who run out about have compiled questions whatever it is to do if you supposed to make the following the very happily this is you walk into your office or soar what didn’t you listen for you are here to follow really after all if it’s supposed to burn people to you if you drive around the corner for of your place this is what are you wonderful a traffic ticket but when I see me you’re better we go sleek an actress after the diminution about citations that are present as being so famous show start signals are well probably not going to be great but this is just working you know because you know but every time you do it we hope it’s going to be terrific here’s why now rich but the problem is our assistant not everybody is ready for your powerful service as at a moment in time you communicate with them this is a tiny problem two quick example purchasing real estate raises a beautiful together the greatest marketing message ever in history of real estate and you deliver to one thousand well selective homes however you deliver how many people in those 1,000 houses are ready at that precise moment that your marketing message arrives to the sell their house two three four five how is working over the next three to five years twenty thirty forty fifty more pounding on your deck is all I do a lot of work with prints in the comics contractor field let’s say you’re a contractor and you put get an invoice marketing message out about chiropractic you literally two thousand dollars how many people in those homes Allah had a contract or woke up that morning with back pain servers okay negative over three four five how many will over the next three years there’s projected calm you little the next time offenders all of them say we just can’t be there I came by contract defense I could solve all the problems in one fell swoop if you just get a list everybody any one of everybody within ten sort of license office that wheezing who fell off a ladder broke out that washing but we take the dough is so it’s the time issues here’s how to solve its technique called secondary reasons for response it will change the way the advertised forever secondary reason for response says we’re going to have now none but two reasons for people who respond to us or you put a bargain metadata one reason is are written for our part refers to the primal candidates you will but never had a second reason so people who are not that you are created the way Bob service will still respond to us so this our relationship with them we get to tell them anything the last we got a list is between you treat a person when they are when they look up and very read off and we get the business we do that with what’s called a weakness now alleged by my definition is used from something I can cut out of paper writing so it costs almost nothing for you to make and get away for it as informational value to the people you are trying to communicate with so they might argue widget even if they don’t want your box a service at there’s only time well they did you get exactly exactly let us wait to read this it’s and I’m gonna fix it slightly you know four years a lot of subjects to slot and we can see is just a little private car y’all know the require power talk the quad clubs all those things you get and you shut off things and you send them back you don’t sell them in business-to-business marketing will have no sales for the bull call with Nora so you’ll send the car back during those sales but it will allow the clubs and good it’s a good night except one of those talk back it sends ourselves it will call the three days later this sale for in his office and he’s really topic and he saw some world on this guy that has the son are we gonna clean up 57 total sailors would we’ll call my bosses on the closest thing to no sales as we got here’s what I found out I started work with a real estate agent the first thing I’m focusing people of your solo Direct Mail at all secondly thing you the open to the 530 degrees lopaka it’s usually got one thing and one thing only on something like check here incentives packet if you want to listen sell your home two things wrong with that one where we talk about on a thousand is only three four five people who could check out second even if you would check out and send it back let me know this going to happen big-time a real estate person who showed up with a big clipboard a video tape player four tapes and she’s dialing that interview put on your PJs and brought their success so there’s a little reluctance saying that even if you cook here’s what we get we get a key very simple that person under the rock card we put five crates and shut off instead of walk wife I said it was for more people chatting office of exact and the first thing not there says check you if you want us to say you are free report the eight steps to getting top dollar for your role now that clearly for is delicious so argued opens the main and how do is not let to listen so Tom Hagen works for the post office and in four years three months one week two days and four hours problems photographer then the party of listings on the tops moving to Florida and body a shrimp boat my partisan is really for now four years ahead of time you best hungry cat box and that’s all he treated about well he’s losing your liver is what kind of going to the by race or a living Florida so he might think that out before about maps next door Valerie today felony you listen somehow see but if everyone knows as soon as her husband takes off then she saw a house he shall lie on Ramon Garcia and an act to live next king with you is laughing at that to get a flirtatious you can’t afford right people will say for this widgets and respond as a secondary reason or respond but beginning the exact is us in a split test in the real estate example we send out a thousand letters Thousand worlds thousand-household Academy things the same acceptable to fly apart you know one thousand group we have the old that applaud college wanting to check off check your over the summer house in your new group we have this apply on five courses the first of which is free before being sent getting caught out through your house first through come your son’s do we get back out of the path in the Apple test and not through my group coming we get that in the actual test we got 57 which would you ever have three or 57 and I machine I got the free anyway I just got fifty four more who are ready this mint but we’ll be ready and I’m going to start cleaning your information and hover over them until they are and when they look up there I am and I got that’s a secondary reason for response is all about okay let’s assume you’ve got a growing marketing message you’ve got Nissan propositions you got meaningful facilities you’ve got to release it to double or triple or quadruple the response we’ve cited about them this message out there here’s the next problem the world’s best messages so better than the world works message if we shouted to the wrong people and borderless and arrival marketing talking to the wrong folks it brings up the usual target marketing and I’m hopeful okay broken you to target models I know sort of everybody understand the patience of this the very busy for the target marketing are you take on a map you put a sorrowful cup where your offices for the businesses you take these kids crayon to draw simple and styrofoam top very fine pocketbook for your business existence marketer but a see you in the competition business you may not be someone he’ll graphics market he might be by business marketing they think you say yourself all the stop others compact our marketer best target marketing but it’s a little simplistic and therefore it’s dangerous and you may want to get more sophisticated about this let me tell you are got collagen a fungus suitably absolutely feeding problems in the caucus million business these are beings have been through your seminars I’ve got the system on doing the mayor just like you taught us to do mainly and I agree this whole damn in the campaign about zero response this is not a good a phone call I think a TV at zero we can if you completely follow it up some of these to the caller you have dumb questions I’m Tommy I got zero and said ok where did you make he said was I’m Tiffany earlier right close to my office solely be easy for my company take care of the customers so good tell me about the people who live there region Alton he said what wonderful tomorrow I said God without that the I was working for you thing called demographics demographics are suspicious about different groups of people or groups businesses you know I’m a tiger in a to the only house right the house so he didn’t know any of that so we get some very sophisticated demographic research we got me just pick us up at five o’clock after dinner and he cooperative on the streets in the zip code where we were standing exactly you do it at five o’clock if we’re doing residential market because that’s what everybody becomes hold that they will show the rock and a hold of the cage yes and you get before they put it up so we drive on down the street about botany Levinson we keep single black construction houses on very small rocks will jinglun sent around front of every lot every third or fourth block an old broken-down caught up on blocks of the driveway or in front yard is happy hours so haha is out on the porch an extension of the concrete slab enjoying the ambiance of the evening he’s got a big lecture on a hole in it here who says beer and he’s sitting in one of those lawn chairs with white green straps whoever misses so Papa hate or love yes son watch this mom’s joining to enjoy a happy hour she’s got a magical research question on the whole minute here the first half if it’s a service she’s sitting in imagine one care two shots as in she’s hanging or low and will agree were not denied promotions or sauces are playing run with grease under the car a lot I think my friend the caucus burger do these lucky you recognize people for the hospital you can mail to these people from now until doomsday if they clean carpets at all you know once a year before the relatives come free loan they allow you to target saw and my gallon blue gum for Pournami the repetition for the Daleks are subtle they take the best rap level again and they move the furniture around Commodore stop that means that people just listen we have got customers from taco services and so we’ve got them get more sophisticated in your selection process there’s all kinds of ways to get sophisticated but one certainly is yellow graphic selection when we’re getting one quick example cartographer – is no successful Sophos about million Huntington Beach California so redundant in demographics earlier it’s all patients and we found some things they had incomes you develop some commonalities in any other practice but we also become common allergies certain occupational commonality systems magazines and huge numbers of them subscribe to and so now we have people who supply work that we say here’s a map of the south on copters declare here’s a circle that ever before all we want inside this circle are the names of the people who fit this profile now we only got about 400 such things and then you pursue them relentlessly over the next 80 boxes over 220 of them became patients that kind of sophisticated target bar rest assume we got the right message and we figured out who you are talk to and who you don’t wanna console we have target market were excited about Houston XD and this needs expensive problem how do we deliver the message to the robber now there’s lots media hundreds of different ways you could deliver logarithm messages and given funds a lot for get your products and services and businesses so I’m going to show you one this afternoon that is right for all five services and businesses that are making a difference in your son $5 roses from the floor shop or five million dollar software systems to the fortune 500 the system are about to show you works now this system and I lose the word system by definition is predictable reliable pieces excuse that means that you go to bed and I every night not something every young no not death within an acceptable range of variance how many people are going to call me by noon and xav eager when an able to do business with you that kind consistencies to serve some folks so that’s that about me because you will sleep they wants it this Hedgehog presentation but if example interested we live is possible in many businesses I have to suggestion the basis of the system I’m going to show you our soul I happen to be a big believer faster oh yeah that before you know we call time I I don’t know about ever care and the original idea but if I have had I know possibly very time consuming very involved very expensive so while you eat we do is I’ll over here I want this is a and while I don’t remember sudden I see something there doing that no one outside of arrow business is doing but it’s firmly out at home I expected from them a lot or antique its business be while there are some industries doing that I can struggle right back over here in feed conversion basis replayability but I do it get a lot the system I’m going to show you is based on ideas for 1977 from the real estate industry in believe the city English’s their sales people call this farm and it’s something to do with pitchforks and colleges hospital analogy is there when we say people talk about father died the other things they have they do except the manual labor part I switch that out pretty quick but we really say people thought about farming what they mean is choosing a relatively small target market usually subdivision condominium development of Chanukah they call that they’ll fall there talk about and then determine a latina quickly plans to see that it can best period time in that farm and their object is to become abdominal presence in that farm in a relatively short period of time so everybody knows everybody do they know we’re about you will feel guilty do business with anybody but then now shows this how effective it can be these are statistics from a real six on my opinion the last five years 1875 transactions sort of going on for the business holding seven block and Ross that’s highly efficient target market or farming and following Nolan it rules those cells block but you can do it in your industry if you’re a business-to-business popular – now what I don’t like is real estate people do this market dominance attack Watson with me or lately big allow the newsletter first outages are my thing on every your neighborhood really say hi there are every community event that every softball game your every garage sale drop in on how many and give it away focus too much work for me so I sold the concept and I substituted for all the manual labor a very particular kind of direct mail which persisted on to the show you as soon as I start to talk about the rock they have some hooks get into this I mean trying to delay mail doesn’t work in obvious for archive because it works in Omaha well two things out first of all you are not going through while only doing those things that work real well for us the very first time we do them there will be a lot of things that each successive generation the second thing about now you get that explaining you our work but not a second of the company is about our blackmail the way I want to show you how to redirect now there are two big scissors to make a Direct Mail payoff and deliver huge first percentages of responses when you do one we kind of been talking about all afternoon is called message to market-match when your message is so closely matched to the deep interest desires and tubes of your target heart you get a great response and the less targeting everything is the worse the response the second an easier thing to duplicate is repetitious the biggest mistake there one nation to lack mail is this here Solomon implies like man they get a risk for some where they put up a fly they send that wire to the list they wait and see what happens and whether there’s good batter on the problem communicate to those people again for months yep here’s why that can’t work now I want you to cheese and I don’t want you to hug each other and I don’t want you to shout it out but everybody out there off or in your mind silently fix on the precise brand name of the battery promoted by the little pig problem with the drama oh my god come outside let’s do they out there I got twice in an attorney fee bills that I have one okay leisure games nice inside and keep them up you got yourself down on your paper or mule operation everybody else was around at the hands it up they’re all wrong they also all thought I was gonna give up the time no it does speed up to the spot so roughly 13 22 7 is on pain ends up in someone’s I did about 30 percent of the people who don’t think but because they said a billion dollars over five years getting us to know the body but forty percent of people walking in cell phones so finally long back not now that would bother me but think about that it with all the repetition days on they can’t get these people to get some valid runs what makes you think you can send out one from goldrock block and get up process a backroad run over there like water off of the proverbial box back it takes repetition to get attention but you can do their kind of repetition so I am then a different time what I told the will work there or rather fish he saw that for a bubble and half a process if you can tell me in the process for a proper enhancer prospector any target market area I can give you dollars I can make you the dollar presence and the minds of those prospects and 45 days or less for a pocket of the process going to show you the model now plug to learn how to talk by the Bob lon yes example I’m going to show you comes from the restaurant business I use it for two reasons why I have room for people around our business they all Dean we say direct your direct mail people do around offices about occupies you know searching through pounds by the birthday Kumbaya they go to this time direct neck so they would also he does work secondly I have to read you a few paragraphs just refused we all are and so this is a fun example I figured we might apply apply so I quickly type of issue this model is stress level to a missus very quickly your little from a few of the ones I got the last few weeks it is starting sure patience about targeting 500 business solar process I got a hundred and seventy four points this is the over the way on prospector than that I would think so visits from an engine rebuild Ottawa days since your systems the most profitable thing I’ve done the problem is get new business this is the filters colas or we double business like you know factory closed in our town this is from a software salesman to major industry on amazing so lung systems last month 233 prospects your lung systems the only thing I’m doing now and this is from my family director scimitar we never talk about they would work for us but in one month we dominate a little fifty came to customers who became distributors now repeating the proper etc so okay let’s think about come on this is well number one to a yield demographic list it has picture the restaurant over the top the headline says a confidential letter to the husband ops on Georgia the romance director of Giorgio satalia driver says your husband will have different than we are your warm white beans Watson deserves special attention they more often will you think to give it to her you are busy we’re not Cassandra for a great and we got to come down we have to be whatever main office hi who the energy and think about romance strategies future of all marriages end in divorce was not one reason given by the box-room called gypsies name not attention to me anymore Joker very sad for you my friends I have got a solution and in this two-page Latin for a restaurant it goes on to the slide the solution in this case it’s a prepackaged TV of romance people in a subsection don’t think you are beautiful candle glows on a table when you get there five ghosts feel free or are shaped box of chocolate to the studio to photograph contain all the cellar and that one work to plus more important is 15 days later everybody who is not responded to let one get one opportunity well number two again is to observe you’re on top of this big pain sweeter than headlines densely pointing to the bottom when we just happen to taste second paragraph close the court one as you see this is your second notes your romance wake-up call for me Julia Gomez doctor – Dale calls have you told for deep and this level Vaughn from two pages to restate the problem and restate the solutions and never works and what’s more important remember sunny design responded 15 days gets run under quake rather than three observes a picture says pirata this is jungle to blue to cry disappointing attacks are copies that have to previous learners who senses may be missed and please read them now and those who wrote the song to that all of them to get a little post hoc little book success ah now here’s what you have to ask yourself do you have a doubt that any household that those three loves to rock he’s not the topic of conversation see it doesn’t matter who will prevail their Sheriff each other the silicon abundance of what they’re after the movers who could get the sale from a junkie Oh God when he goes in doing why for years in this town people coral islands are harder to enjoy to get the mail when they have a reservation 67 runs out you see for a bottom half of the process three letters called a half a buck apiece letter envelope of stand for pop and a half of the prospect in his target bar he’s become the Donna process now a lot of people say well we’re revitalizing the not so sophisticated silent the sophisticated user CEOs we tell you what’s even better there because all the other male engaged a we dull and boring and so this I was in the deaths but a separating from the style disruption because that’s what’s most important you see I sold the structure to a number of some of you may recognize where this structure came from many years ago and we’ll talk about how many I the distinction of all in one calorie here and the precogs you possess this or both probably a person whose angles I got all over one year and I was being intimately familiar with the collection is assistant and I was over some patent book Charlotte’s second others third OHS each one getting progressively toddler referring to the previous law I said to myself is battle getting models for people who haven’t got growth or soul whatever you say over money poor imagine what we do we apply to any more profit in circumstances and I believe you in all instances of in this ever since several years ago I have the large bottle collection industry companies the company he confirm for me to pay 80 percent of the results from a three-letter systems operating base part etc now as an antenna so this sword will pull together everything you talk about set instead of out of chronological application so you can see it work and it will teach you a new target farm and give already sent a proxy that everybody would be able to use to define when you walk out the door restoring the lesson comes to us from a fairly unusual source if we were to make a list up here on a whiteboard in all places executive great pretty great marketing strategy problems with foundry fairly role on the lesson but nevertheless this story involves a fox now every new eyes and this story is important and I other time to talk glasses so you got a listen go to every one dating Monday our lives in a blow its addresses to me it has a stamp on and the return addresses the name of a person I recognize this happens to be another speaker there are about 300 up saluted because Arizona why so many I’m not gonna be able to leave but nonetheless there’s not three who knows who live there this is not a but we don’t golf together we don’t hang out together I’ve see them in airports and it are conventions a few times with your legend magazine so I’ll give you send a little recognize the person sent it to me the state bonds of recipe I opened that is very important I take a lot of those envelope in a headline across the top the letter says I suppose you’re wondering why writing to you about a plumber I say to myself do i order why this guy is writing to me by phone so I read go out back to is important now this letter goes on so a little short about how he was having a social function and his home on quality meetings which are designed by you and about 1995 day begins speed water all the fork and again get a funnel and yelping spawned one with commodified again rustling out between the whole mess up to group this pipe exactly that subtly box home charge the third box it was ours way and a half an hour and in order to say expect me to respond to this extraordinary service he decided to send a letter to all the speaking College of Phoenix and let us all know if we ever leave the plumber how’s the guy to call now let me stop there for a second and describe to me what happened so far this plumber has found the great target market of all which is a Champions circle of influence a champion is your customer or client who is so satisfied with what you do great things you walk on walk they’re always saying man there’s anything I could ever do for you you all got books if you don’t you got problems bigger than what I can fix up here in an hour so if you guys can use this technique it all say this study its own reality probably back to just shower instead distorting how great we were and how appreciative you are on accretions well I really not just for yourself and what I like to go when you must belong to something what do you belong to I love that we learn fly so you want to sit down you want a lot longer than speaker saying well how those are a big swing out of parks let’s work through what I want I want to take 300 G to your station I want to put this letter on tokens anyway we want change it from the zoo back I’ll pay for all this I want to put it between out of the bureau boss and I want to say to those 300 for introducing me to them can we do that and eight out of ten times the client will say yes did it feel for you despise the work so that’s called endorsed mail to a Champions circle of influence and you cannot beat it as the start of a fawning prop power and this keeps it is a big wall I got two left I opened the envelope I read the letter but I didn’t call out as well why do you have call out smuggler they need fun so so wait is this about 15 days later I’ll get what I can call we’re gonna watch from a lot but I said hi now the pub you’ll remember me out of the comic books you might have been approached by your hand or you can have a day off cannery that I writing to you now because we have the sweet thing we only do for people refer to us five satisfied o’clock it’s called a free home fun five of the ranch sauce and to read it it’s important you see whether you’re all the three years longer that wants to have a hundred different from the problems that could occur at Hostos and we come out and free to make sure none of those elbows are going to happen to you now I still don’t call out upon I’m here address I’ve never heard before but I’ll talk about that I guess platitudes from malfunction lover you’ll remember Leon the guy who wrote it you know your family has a really cute apartment and we’d offers a free hump on top of it cause we haven’t heard from you and I’m very concerned it will tell you what we call sonically fit you’ll see watch and go and I’ll focus are but in your boss sitting there going it’s small community type newspapers it’s not a lot of family memory for vacation but a little bit about understate they come back two weeks later the house Espada Park smokin hot there’s a little tension off everything we dog clinging to a piece of wood wave he forgot that a lot of the rises as you can see even snob on Tom’s Kanakadasa this much color I still don’t call out I’m now looking at cuts I don’t know why look at me run number three how I’ll call you’ll remember being on the goddess practice probably brought you three on one topic dogging her for me and that was a tough job stencil greater intensity drops in Montreal on zombie genre which are weightless and up to 98 I call alpha now didn’t tell you about the story because there’s so good but what the life that was happened so far out of qualifying a phenomenally valuable target market which she is the endorsed male of the champions circle Olympics event – the first season ethnography endorsed mailing from the champion to the prospects problem hablo Africa event followed up with a sequence of communications and he’s got rusev what’s his readers Fremont on Obama prevention off no knock concession is difficulty system he stopped everything you talked about so far now okay let’s so notice is subject our last miles there’s almost buildings almost to be a little park he’s not wearing coveralls on to the expect our weekly station what it’s just rounded like polka dot how gold collar our gold cups or winches he’s better dressed than either he’s not carrying a full box has got a round will see attache case the only resemblance at all from here the farmers on a Cisco there’s a little capsule complicity Oh sweetie passionate about this car comes out picked out NASA steel ship reports of discrimination sinks here’s a for my losses check the how to do positive person here promise it’s going to take you about five minutes to do that why’d you have to do VCR yes exactly you need to ask this videotape the last videotape a videotape will work three two one great health problems America I’m sure it’s going to hang ups it’s too late the health care reform it seems there are a lot of people falling down that all across town urges are particularly older people is breaking distance after they got this visible block they put on bottom anthem claims back to Evernote on the solely waterfall this video shot off of 90 minutes and ended up I was standing there I say to myself he found this before penny I’ve ever do street he’s not here nine safe of the Volcom household pony pop let’s see 115 96 I am going to be for the ones who have a home binder of everything here under to supplement our I’ll take care of all along here okay PEO an hour and most Rhonda man do you want to do your thing oxy with Yvonne ocl five members in one of the master teacher for we go it surely just except them on the master suite while I’m here today patrol will protect all all $289 order now car this is receive a come we play rock pop and I say yeah you know I don’t think our marketing guy and it so happens I teach a lot of something you do and I just wanted to keep on so many numbers of that whole campaign that maybe it push that off for Tahoe I had a project file a lot whole doesn’t go commercial for the problem all over it won’t talk about Ron fellows about 15 people stay close home from conservation articles we’ve done so far 64 if you wish assume no one else but me dig in a matter I would bet but go ahead will surely Jewish he’s at 64 people ruling to the top that kind of a part anybody allowed to ask who to call who they hit comedy call because now he really does a welcome take this on those Bob really told their leaders about how the problem the old males were nine hundred pieces of mail for that for for for less than 1,500 bucks he’s gotten that farm market dominance try and beat those Chinese results well this is P problems with everything we taught about and everything we couldn’t talk about if I had the kind of tiny to divide blob they had the most significant of those problems has to do with how do you mind works you’re below this I won’t belabor the point is not very well 14 hours now you will forgot that least one half of everything I said everything you thought we told what I said 15 days to now you will never have big here well and talk about because the mind works just like your mom we sneak you out anyone here on out yup the only way to solve and eternalize you’ll be able to use you I’m using Polly societies it’s through reputation which joins us to the element Okinawa it brings us to the next element you and I are important reinforces two of those sources I am going to very literally guarantee the results all in your packet please stay closed captions knowing the foundation is no way to internalize be able to use information society without keeps first thing you did is we took all my popular marketing seminars we put a big custom audio cassette take now let’s see if they’re priced at one time registration communicated condescended off he became want someone home and forgot Oh anyway can you get twenty thousand seven dollar value you can buy these are you estates out of our catalog and by the way I heard on takes about nine hundred nice boxes that leads to my side picture is very poor there’s a total of eighteen on your face that can advance all the marketing seminars basically our marketing mind transfer from me to you a hundred three different ways that we can attract business now with those six we provide very for compact commands like this entitle you to send me any printed promotional pieces about services brochure sales letter galloping dad does that our personally could keep it and return it to you and it can be a rock column when you plan on doing before you do it for television that right wrong having more effective how to through it that’s a very real value it’s called second opinion conversation you a lot of Popovic lines even at ease if you call now identifying some primitive older you will be forded between 100 and 200 dollars for that service tobacco virus included free sort of loud bangs out of how long you got 198 dollars got 100 hours of I’ve several of us that have been in the post or for a couple of years on marketing some people in 100 ryoga’s coupons get to general when you walk free in total of three hundred and eight dollars Alan at these seminars through first dropped all the way down to $99 so option one between you of the table to drop over the platform to kind of look like this option one is for just $99 takes my marketing mind and transport through yours through the audio cassettes replication work and with that option one you have a guarantee I am very serious about when I first saw the sellout materials and a lot of years ago I made a decision for life and that decision is I’m going to want to be in a hotel while Eric or Papa and see somebody come throughout editorially enough they’re coming to watch I brought irritation that you know what control so here’s the real you got 68 I don’t care what you do not need my darling my homework so if for any reason during the two months you decide you have to confirm then decide the business in one of the best $99 things in your business career even if you use YouTube I’ve gotten the compensation shit the Restless up actors we will refund every pain you think we are two months to determine that this is a great value option to which many people choose if you add what we call the toolkit now the toolkit now takes us four traits or of information to implementation almost as a no-brainer in one fell swoop what we’ve done in the tool cave it comes with a big notebook like this it’s got Carolina Missouri which can show you better seeing about there but every divider there is a pre copy written desktop publish direct marketing systems or five different types of businesses we take it five confidences one which will so close to yours you can seal the setup change the words raises here there and visit the other four you will be able to get some prints from there’s a retail business model of consumer services file a business-to-business marketing model of professional practice model and a restaurant model from those time in each of those five cases we don’t complete since the different

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